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Strand by strand Itip Methond:

Itip, also referred to as, Hairlocs-Paris Hiltion-Micro Link Micro Cylinder. This gentle attachment method does not involve glues, heat, or chemicals. Tiny metal tubes (micro-cylinders) are used to attach the strands with a special technique to your own hair. Itips are easy to install and easy to remove. The tubes can be short or long, wide or narrow, or include silicone depending on which method works best with your own hair.

The cylinders are tightened to create the attachment. Applied in the correct way this is a strong and safe method that will not damage your own hair. This method can be a lengthy process and requires 2-5 hours. The cylinders come in aluminum or copper, different sizes and colors but also in different qualities. This method can be used with the highest hair quality. Top quality hair is always recommended for longer life and less tangling possibilities. Also, this hair can be re-used if cared for properly.


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